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Dr. Charles Neagle is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in treating conditions of the hand and wrist. He has years of experience in providing surgical as well as non-surgical treatment for fractures, trauma and sports injuries related to the hand and wrist.

Hand Arthritis

Hand Arthritis is a common medical condition that affects the joints in the thumb and fingers. Progressively, Hand Arthritis can lead to wearing out of the cartilage that forms the joint. The condition can cause joint deformity, decreased range of motion and loss of functionality of the hand. Hand Arthritis disrupts normal daily activities and should be treated promptly.

Hand Arthritis can be mainly classified as:

  • Osteoarthritis: Also known as ‘wear and tear Arthritis’, this is a degenerative condition that worsens with time. In Osteoarthritis, the cartilage that lines the joint and ensures its proper functioning gets worn out. The condition must be treated promptly by a hand surgeon to prevent it from worsening.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: This is a painful condition that occurs when the synovial membrane, that safeguards the cartilage in the joint, is attacked and damaged by the body’s own immune system. This is a chronic disorder that affects the joints and disrupts daily activities. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a very painful and serious condition that needs immediate medical attention.
  • Post-traumatic Hand Arthritis: It occurs when a fracture or injury harms the cartilage in the hand. This condition leads to degeneration and inflammation in the joints and can occur to anyone, regardless of age or sex.

Causes Of Hand Arthritis

  • Genetics
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Gender- Hand Arthritis is more common in women than men
  • Joint injury
  • Increased age
  • Repetitive joint motion

Symptoms Of Hand Arthritis

Pain in the joint, particularly while moving the fingers or gripping an object

  • Loss or decreased range of motion
  • Swelling
  • Weakness in the joint
  • Sensation of grinding, cracking or clicking in the joint

Diagnosis Of Hand Arthritis

Diagnosing Hand Arthritis involves a physical examination of the hand and wrist by the orthopedic doctor. He will evaluate the symptoms such as pain, swelling, range of motion etc. to determine the type and severity of arthritis. The hand doctor may also conduct certain imaging tests such as X-rays and CT scans, to analyze the extent of damage caused to the joint along with referring to medical history and family history of the patient.

Treatment of Hand Arthritis

Treatment options for Hand Arthritis may be either surgical or non-surgical, depending upon the cause and severity of the condition.

Non-Surgical Treatment:

  • Complete immobilization of the joint
  • Use of splints and casts to provide support to the affected joint
  • Applying ice or heat to the affected area to reduce swelling and pain
  • Taking anti-inflammatory medications, as prescribed by the orthopedic doctor
  • Regular exercise of the joints
  • Injections can be administered

Surgical treatment:

  • Joint Fusion: This is suitable for young people or for those who have severe hand arthritis. In this procedure, the hand surgeon removes the joint and attaches the finger bones directly with each other.
  • Joint Reconstruction: Reconstruction of joint involves making small incisions in the hand to remove the affected joint. The procedure is recommended for people who suffer from mild Arthritis. It helps to eliminate the pain in the joint, increase strength and improve the range of motion.
  • Joint Replacement: This procedure is aimed at restoring normal function and eliminating pain in the joint. Joint replacement is an ideal treatment option for those who do not indulge much in physical activities.

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