Supinator Entrapment Syndrome – Carrollton, TX
Dr. Neagle is a Carrollton, TX based hand surgeon providing treatment for a wide range of orthopedic conditions affecting the hand and wrist. The surgeon specializes in using state-of-the-art treatment modalities to treat conditions such as Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Supinator Entrapment Syndrome, etc.

Supinator Entrapment Syndrome

Supinator entrapment Syndrome is a condition which occurs when the radial nerve in the forearm gets compressed. It is also referred to as the Posterior Interosseous Nerve Syndrome. The radial nerve lies in the posterior part of the forearm and controls the movement of the hand as well as wrist. Injury or compression of this nerve can lead to temporary dysfunction and can become a permanent deformity if not treated in time.

Causes Of Supinator Entrapment Syndrome

  • Bone spurs and tumor
  • Repeated use of the forearm
  • Direct trauma or injury to the arm
  • Humerus fracture
  • Putting pressure on the arm while sleeping
  • Swelling in the structures or soft tissues around the nerve
  • Prolonged use of crutches
  • Sleeping while the arm hangs at the back of the chair
  • Use of tight bands or straps around the wrist

Symptoms Of Supinator Entrapment Syndrome

  • Inability to straighten the arm below the elbow
  • Problem in bending the hand and fingers backwards at the wrist
  • Patient may report of unusual sensations in the fingers, thumb and back of the hand
  • Pain which can get aggravated with activity
  • Numbness
  • Pricking, burning or tingling sensation
  • Muscle loss can be noticed
  • Finger drop may occur
  • Weakness in the upper limb

Diagnosis Of Supinator Entrapment Syndrome

  • Detailed clinical evaluation of the arm
  • X-ray may be done to check for bone fracture or dislocation
  • Analysis of the patient’s medical history and existing symptoms
  • Some nerve conduction tests may be required
  • MRI scan of the upper parts of the arm
  • Blood tests may be recommended
  • Ultrasound imaging
  • Some cases may require nerve biopsy to confirm the diagnosis

Treatment For Supinator Entrapment Syndrome

  • In some cases, the patient recovers without treatment. Some other cases may require one or more of the following:
  • Prescription of anti-inflammatory medicines to curb pain
  • Steroids may be injected to reduce swelling and discomfort
  • Physical therapy may be recommended to improve muscle strength and flexibility of the joint
  • Removable braces and splints may be used to support or immobilize the hand
  • The occupational therapist may suggest some modifications in lifestyle and work place to prevent aggravation of symptoms
  • Surgery may be required to remove the cause of compression around the nerve. This is usually recommended if 12 weeks of conservative treatment has not provided any relief
  • Range of motion exercises may be initiated soon after surgery to prevent loss of function in the limb. Splints may also be used for added protection

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