Thumb Arthritis – Carrollton, TX
Dr. Charles Neagle III is a board certified hand and wrist specialist practising in Carrollton, TX. He has an extensive experience in treating medical conditions related to hand and Wrist such as Tendonitis, Mallet Finger, and Hand Arthritis etc. He is well known for using surgical and non-surgical procedures to treat his patients.

Thumb Arthritis

Thumb Arthritis is a condition in which the cartilage and ligaments present in the carpometacarpal joint (thumb joint) deteriorate. When a patients moves his thumb, the bones rub against each other and cause severe pain. This condition majorly affects the people whose age is above 40.

Risk Factors Of Thumb Arthritis

  • Obesity
  • Females are more prone to develop Thumb Arthritis
  • Inherited conditions such as malformed joints
  • Injuries such as fractures and sprains

Causes Of Thumb Arthritis

  • Aging
  • Activities that put stress on the thumb joint
  • Osteoarthritis

Symptoms Of Thumb Arthritis

  • Persistent swelling and stiffness at the base of the thumb
  • Constant pain
  • Difficulty in grasping objects
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Enlargement of thumb joint

Diagnosis Of Thumb Arthritis

  • The doctor may start by asking questions related to previous thumb injuries. He may then conduct a physical examination, in which he may hold the thumb from the base and rotate the thumb from the tip. If a grinding sound is herd and the patient feels pain, it means that the joint is deteriorated.
  • The doctor may recommend an X-ray test to visualize the bony spurs or calcium deposits that may have formed in the joint.

Treatment For Thumb Arthritis

Non-surgical Treatment

  • Icing -In the initial stages of Thumb Arthritis the doctor may recommend icing the joint after every 15 to 20 minutes. This helps in reducing swelling and pain.
  • Medication – Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving medicines may be prescribed by the doctor to alleviate affliction.
  • Splints – In order to restrict thumb and wrist’s range of motion and speed up the healing process, the doctor may suggest the patients to wear splints.

Surgical Treatment

If the non-surgical treatment does not provides any help, the doctor may recommend an outpatient surgery.
The surgeries can be of two types –
  • In first procedure the doctor may make an incision and fuse all the bones together, so that there is no friction. This will alleviate pain but limit the thumb’s range of motion.
  • In the second method the doctor may make an incision to restructure the joint using a tendon graft.

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